HUAKATI CREATION is among Thailand digital transformation and digital marketing agencies. Founded in 2008, We are strong and is armed with a plethora of multi-disciplinary skills across fields such as strategy, analytics, UX, design, creative, social media marketing, and new-age content production. HUAKATI CREATION expertise lies in formulating digital strategy and cross-platform campaigns, designing and developing user experiences, building complex websites and apps, and creating social media content marketing solutions. We partner with brands across industries such as Hotel and Real estate, Industrial, hospitality, media and entertainment, consumer goods and automotive, among others.



Started providing services in Internet Solutions (Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting and Web Application) since 2004. At the beginning, we provided services to state enterprises and private sectors such as SMALLROOM , SMOOTH E , FDA , TANAYONG , The Emerald Hotel , etc.

2008 – 2013

HUAKATI CREATION Founded in 2008, expanding the scope of service to be more complete to be able to cover various business services under the concept of “One-Stop Service internet Solutions” by a team of professionals in various fields.

2016 – 2021

HUAKATI CREATION Transition to full digital marketing. Having served more than 100+ clients, nothing excites us more than the possibility of the next big change being driven by us. From making more than 100+ websites 100+ digital campaigns, we are still craving for more and are unitedly walking towards becoming the one stop digital solution company. We digitalize your dreams and vision to give your business a spectacular online presence with our designing skills.

If you have an idea but unsure on how can it be realized, come have a coffee with us or if you have an existing brand but wish to drive it further than current markets, call us now !


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